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Experience a gourmet farmgate tour and savour the freshest produce that the Gloucester and Barrington districts have to offer. The tours visit local farms where you will meet their owners and be fascinated by their lives on the land. We invite you to experience the Gourmet Farmgate Tour and savour the freshest produce that the Gloucester, Stroud and Barrington districts have to offer.

A unique opportunity to visit the farms of our members and to hear their fascinating stories. You will not be able to help feel the passion that they reveal about their lives. Enjoy the country hospitality and culinary delights crafted from our local harvest.

The 2 day tour is customized for your groups from 20-50 persons. Accommodation at the Country Lodge Motel (or a suitable alternative if unavailable). Transport can be your favourite coach company or we can organize a coach for you. All the work is done for you, and the trip is free for the Coach Captain. The Tour Leader’s trip is also free of charge for groups of 30 or more.

Smaller groups, individuals and families may be added to existing tours, staying at luxury lodges (i.e. The Ridge andDamit Getaway). Contact us for future tour dates.

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