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River swimming

The swimming opportunities in Gloucester and Barrington Tops make it feel like the local swimming season runs year round. Apart from doing laps in the Gloucester Olympic pool or hydrotherapy pool, there are plenty of options for making the most of our beautiful rivers. Try easy wading from pebbly riverbanks in the Gloucester District Park; launching yourself into longer swimming sections at scenic river crossings nearby; or taking a refreshing dip at waterfalls high in Barrington Tops. For extra fun on the water, our rivers are well-suited to canoes, kayaks, rubber rings and lilos – the perfect accessories for a season of swimming in Gloucester.

Pick up a free swimming brochure at Gloucester Visitor Information or download it here

Swimming safety tips:

Remember to always check the water for hazards and snags, especially after rainfall events. Never ever dive into any water, unless you’re in the swimming lanes at the Olympic Pool, and take care of slippery river stones at all our rivers and waterways. Always supervise your children while swimming. And please take all your rubbish with you.

Gloucester River

Enjoy a post-picnic swim in the Gloucester River as it winds through the pretty Gloucester District Park in the centre of town. There are shallow sections where the river cascades over pebbles and deeper sections of gently flowing water with a beach near the bridge. Further upstream at Faulkland there are several river crossings on Faulkland Road with picnic spots where you can find deeper sections for swimming and shallower sections for splashing around. Kids love the fish crossing steps.
Gloucester District Park: Boundary Street, Gloucester; Gloucester River via Faulkland Road, Faulkland.

The Barrington River

The Barrington River is renowned for canoeing and kayaking year round with a reliable source high in world heritage Barrington Tops. The river flows through scenic gorges, forming white water rapids in its upper section, and calm flowing pools in its lower section as it passes verdant farmland. Public access for paddling and swimming can be found next to the timber bridge at Barrington Reserve and at the river access point at the end of Relfs Road. Further upstream is the popular Rocky Crossing picnic area with plenty of space for river activities: swimming, wading, paddling or just floating around listening to the sounds of summer in the country. The Steps Campground offers outstanding swimming at the most picturesque rapids on the Barrington River, available for their camping guests and for day users too.
Barrington Reserve: Thunderbolts Way, Barrington; Barrington River via Relfs Road off Thunderbolts Way, Gloucester; Rocky Crossing at Barrington River via Barrington West Road; The Steps Campground: 535 Manchester Road, Bindera ($5 day use).

The Manning River at Woko

Woko National Park just north of Gloucester is wild, rugged and steep but the Manning River that flows through the park makes it a very special destination. Several hiking tracks, riverside camping and barbecues add to its appeal, especially for families. Simply find a perfect picnic spot and relax beneath the gum trees or drift away down the Manning on a lilo listening to the forest. Perfect.
Woko Campground: Curricabark Road off Thunder-bolts Way, Gloucester.

Gummi Falls

Remote Gummi Falls offers camping, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking and stargazing in Barrington Tops National Park, if you have a 4WD. Spend your days fishing in the crystal clear waters of the upper Manning River and cool off in the rocky pools near the falls. This is beautiful Barrington Tops high country with plenty of wildlife.
Gummi Falls campground: Bullock Brush trail off Tubrabucca Road, Barrington Tops National Park.

Polblue Wetland

Polblue is a high altitude sub-alpine wetland with a picturesque campground in the heart of the wilder-ness attractions of world heritage Barrington Tops. The grassy campground is next to Polblue Creek with crystal clear waters and a boardwalk trail with kangaroos, wombats and all sorts of birdlife. If you need to cool off, a quick dip in the streams will reinvigorate you, the water here is fed by regular snow-fall events and high-altitude rainfall. Polblue campground: Barrington Tops Forest Road, Barrington Tops National Park.